Borosil opens world’s first 2 mm tempered solar glass facility

Gujarat Borosil Ltd on Tuesday inaugurated world’s first 2mm tempered glass production process at its Bharuch facility.

The 2 mm solar glass is not only lighter than the current world standard of 3.2 mm, but also absorbs less solar energy while allowing higher irradiance to reach the solar cell. This will help in harnessing the solar energy more efficiently than done ever before, the company said.

Padma Vibhushan Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Advisor, Govt. of India inaugurated the new tempered glass production facility. In 2014, Borosil eliminated the deadly poison – antimony – from its batch, making it the world’s first and only toxin-free solar glass.

Borosil’s latest achievement is to have successfully completed production trials of the world’s first fully tempered 2mm solar glass which heralds a quantum leap in the mission to increase the efficiency of solar modules. This would further lower the cost of power and significantly improve the viability of solar power for consumers, the company claimed in a press statement.

The use of high transmission solar glass on both surfaces will allow the use of bifacial solar cells which will enhance module efficiency by 30%.