1st Version Glazing & Windows Estimator Software

Glazingshopee.com is investing time & resources to help Contractors, developers & end users by unveiling its 1st version of façade Estimation software very soon.

We are meeting leading Extrusions companies to share their database of Standard systems available in the market help us create a library of sections & systems for easy estimation.


  • Now just put the Size of the Window & Quantity & get the perfect estimate.

  • 27mm Series, 32mm Series & 37mm Series will have library built in for fast calculations.

  • Library of Glass with Single Glass, Double Glass & various process options shall be available just to select & optimize the time efficiently.

  • Hardware library with standard market hardware, other leading system hardware supplying company’s library also shall be integrated to have exact cost.

  • It will save time & be efficient to handle big projects.

  • Even the contractor will be able to create customizations of his system.

  • Speed & Accuracy minimum errors in deriving the project costing.

  • Consistency of performance & can create the library of cost versus sizes.

  • Help small contractor increase his speed & delivery of Tender submissions.

     This software shall be launched by End of November 2015.

        For any query write to :info@glazingshopee.com