Pavle, a Serbian family-run glass processing company, started cooperating with LiSEC in 2000, when it bought a series of software packages and a range of used machines. The company is now looking to expand its machinery with a jumbo line, vertical processing and will also replace its laminating technology.

Pavle and LiSEC started cooperating in 2000, after a meeting at glasstec, where the company bought software packages and a range of used machines. “These machines are the core of our company until today and have to run non-stop – what they do, indeed. They are of very high quality and we can simply rely on them. Through this set-up with professional equipment we are seen as a serious business partner and we get access to key projects,” says Managing Director of Pavle Marko Tmusic. “Now there is no manual handling of glass sheets any more, as a result the company is accident-free and sick leave has reached a normal level, he adds.

The Management at Pavle is now considering investing in a jumbo line, will upgrade its glass processing line (where they will opt for a vertical strategy this time) and will also replace its rather outdated laminating technology. Tmusic: “Also regarding these investments we will opt for LiSEC machinery and software. This time it does not necessarily need to be second hand equipment that we will buy,” he adds with a smile. “We simply like to do business with LiSEC: they work in a transparent manner, as a customer I always have full overview about processes and all steps are logical. Moreover, in times where competition is severe every company that wants to be successful needs to invest in equipment that enables the company to get to the next level and grow.”

Pavle will be outsourcing the production of large size elements to the LiSEC Glass Forum until it installs its new machines. Tmusic: “We visited the glass processing facilities of LiSEC during the official opening event and we were really impressed, not only about lines and software installed, also about the broad product range and top notch quality the experts in Austria deliver.” This year, Pavle also plans to open up an office in Germany to get direct market access.

Pavle is a Serbian family-run glass processing company located in Pancevo, an industrial city some 20 kilometres north-east of Belgrade, where it is today synonym for “best in glass processing”.

LiSEC has been offering innovative individual and overall solutions in the field of processing and refining of flat glass for more than 50 years. LiSEC’s service portfolio comprises machines, automation solutions and services. LiSEC develops and produces glass cutting and sorting systems, individual components and entire production lines for the production of insulating and laminated glass as well as machines for the processing of glass edges and tempering systems.

Source.: glassonline


Worldwide demand for flat glass is forecast to expand 5.0 percent annually through 2020 to 9.6 billion square meters, valued at $94 billion.

The pace of gains will decelerate relative to the 2010-2015 period, primarily due to a marked slowdown in China, by far the largest national market for flat glass, where building construction spending is forecast to decelerate significantly through 2020.  However, continued growth in motor vehicle production and manufacturing output will support demand, and China is expected to continue to be among the world’s fastest growing markets for flat glass going forward. These and other trends are presented in World Flat Glass, a new study from The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry research firm.
The Asia/Pacific region was the largest regional market for flat glass in 2015, accounting for over half of global demand in value terms.  The region is expected to also see the fastest gains through 2020, benefiting from the presence of the five fastest growing national markets for flat glass worldwide:  India, Indonesia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam.  According to analyst Allison Blackburn, “Within the Asia/Pacific region, China is the dominant flat glass consumer, representing 64 percent of the regional total on a value basis in 2015.”
Gains in demand for flat glass in North America and Europe will be constrained by the shifting dynamics of global manufacturing, as producers of a wide variety of glass-consuming products are expected to increase operations in developing regions.  As a result, increased manufacturing output and investment in commercial facilities will allow demand for flat glass in Central and South America and the Africa/Mideast region to grow faster than in North America and Europe through 2020.
Demand for flat glass in the solar energy market is expected to be particularly fast, as many countries increase investment in renewable energy.  Solar energy applications accounted for 200 million square meters of flat glass consumption in 2015, a figure that is expected to triple by 2020.  Demand for flat glass in the motor vehicle market is expected to post the slowest gains.
Source.: glassonline

Your home is a place to relax and unwind. It keeps you away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life. It offers you and your family security and solace.

Hence, when it comes to the interiors of your home, one should be very careful in choosing the right products. The right products will help you create an atmosphere that is comfortable and safe. They will also enhance your lifestyle and keep your family secure.

So what should you invest in, in order to achieve the above?

The answer is a versatile and eco-friendly product- uPVC doors and windows.

uPVC is one of the world’s oldest polymers. It is a cost-effective, non-toxic and environmentally efficient material used in construction, transportation, industries etc. Unlike its wooden or aluminium counterparts, uPVC offers windows that do not require maintenance.  These windows also play a significant role in maintaining the décor of the house, ensuring safety and security for the occupants.


Advantages of using uPVC windows

uPVC window systems enhances natural cross-ventilation. Good quality uPVC windows and doors offers ultraviolet resistance and don’t fade due to heat, humidity or pollution. These window frames are easy to clean and don’t require painting or sealing, this considerably lessens the maintenance required over their lifetime.


uPVC Door & Window solutions by AIS VUE

AIS VUE offers a complete range of high-performance uPVC door and window solutions. From profiles to glass, to installation and support, it offers solutions that span a wide range of contemporary, aesthetic and durable doors & windows tailor-made for your home.

Installing AIS VUE uPVC glass door and window solutions will enhance energy efficiency and help you live a green and clean life! AIS VUE also provides you solutions that are crafted with the strategic intent to solve numerous challenges at home, offices and other places.


Our range of uPVC window includes:

EcoVUE – If you are looking to reduce your electricity usage, this solution can help you cut down costs.

SilentVUE – If healthy living conditions and mental peace is what you want, look no further. AIS noise cancellation solutions will help you reduce indoor noise by up to 70%.

SafeVUE–If you have kids in your homes, this glass window is the best choice. This safety glass ensures no cuts or injuries.

GuardVUE – This burglar-proof solution ensures utmost safety and security.

CustomVUE– CustomVUE allows you to choose from a range of specialised glass products and combine multiple benefits to create a unique experience designed for you, by you.

With the above solutions, you can keep your homes warmer, cosier and reassuringly secure. Whether it is noise, dust, heat, or burglars, AIS VUE solutions helps you keep the ‘unwanted’ from entering your home in a modern and stylish manner.

If you have been planning to replace your existing windows or install new ones, uPVC glass doors and windows by AIS VUE is the ultimate choice!

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The Maharashtra state Public Works Department (PWD) has asked all its departments to follow the Green Building concept while constructing new residential, commercial and administrative buildings across the state.

According to the circular issued by the PWD, most government structures in the state are constructed in a stereotypical style, which consumes of a lot of electricity. “As part of development, large-scale projects have been undertaken, which are now posing major environmental challenges. These big-sized residential and commercial buildings consume a huge amount of electricity. As a result, power cuts have regularly been imposed during peak hours,” stated the circular.


It further stated that at present, the glass façade buildings were very much in demand as part of modernisation. “Most architects are designing glass façade buildings. We are giving more importance to outer looks of structures rather than their environment-friendly use. To light up these buildings, we need more power. Besides, more air conditioners (ACs) are installed to cool these box-type structures,” the circular added.

A senior PWD official said this excessive use of power has resulted in more demand for power in the recent years. “That additional power is leading to high expenses as well. If the power is not available, the government has to buy it from the open market. Looking at the financial condition of the state, it is affordable neither to buy nor to produce the power. At present, the government is not economically sound to bear this soaring financial burden,” the official said, requesting anonymity.

He said the only solution for this problem was to save power. “This can be done by implementing the Green Building concept across the state. That will also maintain ecological balance. We have asked our all departments to, henceforth, prepare and submit designs based on the Green Building concepts only,” the official added.

Meanwhile, Milind Samel from the A1 architectural firm welcomed the state government decision. “It is true that the glass façade buildings are not environment friendly. These buildings are also causing fire safety issues. People, however, are getting more aware about the environment. Therefore, they are asking for changes in designs. The government should amend its approval policy, to give more incentives to the Green Building concept,” he added.



The average unsold inventory since the GFC erupted in 2008, until 2015, stands at 25 months

The latest JLL research report ‘Indian real estate: Comprehending the varying speeds of growth’ tracks the journey of different asset classes from 2004 to 2015. The residential market, which was touted to be a recession-free asset class until a few years ago, gave into market realities during the last couple of years.

The perception that housing can be aloof to a slowdown was well-entrenched within all stakeholders including the developers and investors, as it had not only recovered from the adverse impact of GFC quickly, but most cities saw prices recovering way beyond the previous peak which was observed in 2Q2008. Also, given that housing is a basic need and that demand far outpaced supply kept developer’s and investor’s faith in this sector alive.

Over-supply and demand-supply mismatch mar residential realty

ap 1
Over the last two years, unsold inventories of residential units have escalated to levels that were unsustainably high and it continues to remain there for a very long time. For instance, an unsold inventory of around 18-20 months is typically considered normal in today’s circumstances. However, the average unsold inventory since the GFC erupted in 2008, until 2015, stands at 25 months, with the latest reading outnumbering the average by a considerable number.

This suggests that developers’ shift of focus from commercial, which was witnessing slack, to residential, resulted in an oversupply situation. Against that, prices continued to rise on the back of rising input costs and untamed margin expectations of the developers and investors.

ap 2
Continuous rise in prices, in many cases faster than rise in incomes and inflation, resulted in homes starting to become unaffordable across major city centres. Therefore, while the outcome was that demand slowed down, unaffordability, product-mismatch and the lack of market confidence amongst potential home buyers were the key game spoilers in the residential markets.

ap 3
Undoubtedly, the residential sector is undergoing a period of relative stress. Endemic and regulatory concerns have been at the heart of issues currently impacting this asset class. Price stagnancy and falling sales are probably the indicators that the sector needs to improve its performance and address the trust deficit it currently faces from its consumers.

AUTHOR : ANUJ PURI ,Chairman & Country Head at JLL India – ‎Jones Lang LaSalle

Source.: jllapsites


Warm edge spacer bar manufacturer, Swisspacer, is launching Swisspacer Air, a new device that regulates the air pressure in sealed units and prevents sealed unit breakdowns caused by changes in altitude.

Swisspacer Air is a valve that fits ‘unobtrusively’ into the spacer bar and sealant and relieves the build up of air pressure inside the unit that causes unit failure. It will be displayed on Swisspacer’s stand at the Fensterbau Frontale trade show in Nürenberg on 16-19 March.

Swisspacer Air equalises air pressure differences between the insulating glass unit and surrounding atmosphere. It is ideal for sealed unit makers in low lying areas who make units that will be installed in variable climatic conditions or mountainous regions.

Until now, window fabricators have had to carefully consider the difference in air pressure between the production site and point of installation. If the windows are to be installed at high altitude the performance of the glass unit can suffer because expanding air inside the unit puts pressure on the panes of glass. That can damage the seal, which allows moisture in.

Swisspacer Air resolves this problem completely. Invisibly integrated into the secondary sealant, Swisspacer Air is a discreet component that helps to regulate the air pressure between the panes of glass as it changes with altitude. Another key benefit is that Swisspacer Air can be retrofitted to previously installed windows with Swisspacer warm edge spacer bars to ensure long-term performance of the unit.

Head of sales & marketing UK & Ireland, John Cooper commented: “Swisspacer Air is a unique innovation and the perfect solution for mountainous countries such as Austria, Switzerland, France or Italy. Further tests will confirm its suitability for the UK market too. We will show it at the FIT Show in April on Stand 324, so come and see!”

Source.: ggpmag


Bohle has launched its new swing-door Self-closing Corner Fitting, which in eliminating the recess required to house traditional floor springs, trims installation time by half.

TruFrame has given its Refine window and door range a ‘contemporary twist’ with the introduction of new hardware, which, according to TruFrame ‘helps to compliment the more modern foiled finishes of anthracite grey for example’.

TruFrame is quick to point out that Refine, which boasts full mechanical joints in the frame, sash and mullion, is not just a product destined for period inspired properties, but also modern properties and apartments, along with everything else in between. To the outside, the flush appearance and symmetrical lines, offered with dummy sashes, makes for a cleaner and more uniform appearance, offering tangible visual differentials in comparison to a typical rebated sash.

Like all the windows and doors from TruFrame, Refine also carries Secured by Design and is said to be the first window of its kind to achieve this important accreditation. Security is further enhanced with Yale friction stays and shootbolt locking system as standard, plus a lifetime guarantee from Yale offering considerable financial compensation should the shootbolt fail against any attempted break-in.

With the recent introduction of new Mila handles, TruFrame says it’s been the perfect opportunity in which to promote the more contemporary designs that Refine can offer in a new 24-page brochure. As a 70mm system, there’s also the re-assurance of a complete range of matching cills and ancillaries, so there’s every reason why installers should be targeting sales opportunities for windows and doors that carry the Refine name.

David Firmager, managing director of TruFrame, said: “Refine isn’t just a period inspired window and door offering, but a product range suited for the masses. With careful choice of finish and handle type, consumers can benefit from a window that’s as individual as their property type, while installers benefit from a 70mm frame and our renowned product quality.’

See the ‘Complete Package’ video on TruFrame’s YouTube channel to find out why so many companies are changing to TruFrame.

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Roto has introduced the new Fasteo door lock, part of the Roto Safe H range of lever-handle-operated locks, to the UK market.

According to Roto, the new Fasteo door lock helps maintain home security, save energy and preserve the physical integrity of the door.

All of this is achieved by means of a mechanism that locks the door on closure. An activator, located on the faceplate between the latch and deadbolt, integrates with the striker plate and activates the locking mechanism.

The activator is designed to work under a wide range of lateral and vertical tolerances. As long as the latch and deadbolt are engaging with the striker plate, the activator will function.

“There are great benefits to auto-mechanical locking in terms of comfort and security,” said Roto business development manager, Vesa Nenye. “Many burglars target the most easily accessible homes – ones where doors or windows have been left unlocked. The Fasteo lock means that the home remains secure even if family members are going in and out of the house during the day and not locking the door themselves.”

“To deadlock the door, for example overnight or when going out, you just need to make one turn of the cylinder,” he added.

The Fasteo lock is available in various security levels, from a version with four roller cams and another with four mushroom headed security cams, up to the enhanced security version with two claws and two mushroom cams. The latter is designed to meet all UK and European domestic security standards.

“The other downside of forgetting to lock the door is wasted energy,” Vesa continues. “When a door is closed on the latch only, the weather seal is not compressed all around the door, and so draughts can get in and heat can escape. Fasteo helps avoid this.

At the same time, making sure the door is always fully locked and compressed means the door leaf itself is kept in shape and therefore less likely to warp or deform over time”, he explained.

The new Fasteo lock is part of the Roto Safe H range of lever-handle-operated locks.

“Our designers have thought of everything”, says Vesa. “For example, if someone wanted to fit a separate window inside the door panel, the Fasteo lock has a facility that allows you temporarily set the handles in the vertical position, allowning the window inside the door panel to be opened without obstruction”.

Another innovation is an integrated shock absorber, designed to protect the activator and the lock centre mechanism from damage. It is another way in which Roto hardware can help prolong the life of a door.

The Fasteo lock is available in 35, 40 and 50mm backsets and is equally suitable for PVC, timber and composite door panels.

Source.: ggpmag


The global antibacterial glass market size was evaluated at $ 160.1 million for 2015 and is predicted to be more than $ 270 million by end of the forecast period, according to the recent report from Fractovia.

The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global silica minerals mining market for 2016-2020. To calculate the market size, the report presents the vendor landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the top seven vendors operating in the market. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.
According to the report, increase in demand from glass industry will a key driver for market growth. The global glass market is experiencing high growth because of increased demand from the construction and automotive sectors. Developing countries such as India, China, and South Korea account for a large demand for glass.
The global flat glass market had the capacity to produce 88.26 billion square feet of flat glass in 2014; this is expected to increase to 122.3 billion square feet by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 6.76%. Sand is the major component of glass and accounted for 51% of the raw materials used in the production of flat glass. Thus, the glass industry is a major driver for the global silica minerals mining market.
Further, the report states that recyclability will be a challenge for the market. The increase in the recyclability of glass is a challenge for the global silica minerals mining market. This leads to a reduction in the production of new glass, reducing the consumption of sand. Recycled glass substitutes almost 95% of the raw materials.
The US and Europe are the major regions for glass recycling. In 2014, the European Union recycled 74% of the glass packaging by recycling more than 25.01 billion glass containers. In the US, 35% of the glass containers were recycled in 2014. The recyclability rate will increase during the forecast period, reducing the magnitude of sand consumption in the glass industry

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A new glass walkway in China that winds along the cliff of Tianmen Mountain is now open to the public.

Called the Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk, the 100-m walkway clings to the side of the mountain in Hunan’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.
The walkway opened to the public Monday, and visitors brave enough to venture along the path were seen sprawling along the glass, taking pictures.
It is the third glass walkway in the Tianmen Mountain. The park already has a glass bridge that spans 430 m over a canyon.
Source.: glassonline

A complex diamond-shaped structure that forms part of a luxury cruise liner, is a flagship project in a turnkey solution for Finland’s Pilkington Marine.

The company is gearing up to supply a range of specialist glass structures for luxury vessels, which include the new Mein Schiff (My Ship) 5 and 6, two TUI cruise liners, to be completed at the Meyer Turku Shipyard in June 2016 and Spring 2017 respectively. The plan forms part of a heavy investment in module supplies of large glass structures.

“The idea is to have the structure completed as far as possible in the workshop, in the manufacturer’s premises or at the shipyard so that it can be lifted on the vessel’s frame and installed as a module,” explained Matti Hopia, Pilkington Marine’s Business Manager.

“This eliminates the need for massive scaffolding and weather guards.  Installation time is shorter and once the openings are covered, the inside temperature will soon allow interior decoration and furnishing to start.

Mein Schiff 5 is due to set sail this month (July) bound for the Mediterranean before a winter sojourn in the Caribbean.

Pilkington Marine has supplied the special windows for her outer decks as well as windshields and glass railings comprising around 3,000 m2 of special windows and glass structures in toughened and solar control double-glazing and circa 2,700 m2  of windshields and railings. Fire-rated panorama windows cover a total area of 160 m2.

“The largest special window is a stunning diamond-shaped, providing a panorama of the restaurant at the rear of the vessel,” explained Matti Hopia, Pilkington Marine’s Business Manager.

”Diamond-shaped structures are a complex manufacturing challenge, both for strength and aesthetics. The structures should be as light-weight as possible, without any compromise in strength, because everything affects the weight – and thus the fuel consumption – of the vessel.

Mein Schiff 6, to be completed in spring 2017, will boast a similar diamond-shaped development.

Besides the projects underway at Turku Shipyard, Pilkington Marine is working on extensive glass supplies for cruise liners built by STX France in Saint-Nazaire.



TruPlas is the rigid, glass reinforced thermoplastic spacer bar from Edgetech UK.

TruPlas has been cleverly designed for increased stability and strength. Its ridged surface offers a more traditional appearance, without any compromise on efficiency or performance.

Benefits of Using Rigid Warm Edge Spacer Bars

TruPlas from Edgetech UK offers excellent high / low temperature performance for windows. Its engineered glass reinforced thermoplastic composition has low thermal conductivity to reduce heat loss in insulated glass units.

The dual-seal warm edge spacer for double glazed units utilises proven technologies, like the vapour barrier with advanced acrylic which strengthens when exposed to heat. It has good UV resistance with no chemical fogging. This prevents HMB “blowing out” in the corners.

TruPlas also has pleasing aesthetics. The ridged surface of the thermoplastic gives a more traditional appearance when used in insulated glass unit manufacture. The three colour choices; black, white and light grey offer good colour stability and the spacer bar has a matte surface finish.

Manufacturing Insulated Glass Units with TruPlas

Insulated glass units can be manufactured with traditional methods using TruPlas. There are a range of machinery options including computer-controlled spacer bar cutting saws and automatic bar bending machinery.

All manual, semi-automated and fully automatic machinery and insulated glass unit manufacturing lines are supported by Edgetech’s technical division. With support during installation and the training process, followed up by troubleshooting help.

TruPlas rigid warm edge spacer bar is available with a range of connecting keys for cut and key and Georgian applications.

Standard corner keys are available in the same colours as TruPlas spacer bar for a seamless appearance and a range of cavity widths are available too.

Gas corner keys are available in similar colours and types – one with a hole for injecting gas into the glazed unit and the other without. Gas key plugs are again, available in the same colours and ensure gas is effectively sealed within the unit.

TruPlas SDL – Warm Solution for IGUs

TruPlas Simulated Divided Lite system offers more choice for IGU manufacturers.

The specially designed I-beam enables greater rigidity and eliminates the possibility the frame twisting inside large insulated glass units twisting which can be a problem with some box section or duplex systems.

Available in black, white and grey to match the TruPlas spacer system, TruPlas SDL is available in a choice of two widths; 18mm and 23mm.

TruPlas SDL is compatible with our range of both flexible and rigid spacer bars.

For more information on our range of rigid spacer ranges, call +44 (0) 2476 639931 or, if you’d like to switch to flexible warm edge spacer bar technology, take a look at our Super Spacer® range.



DoorThe Liniar design team, renowned for continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, have launched their latest product – a true aluminium bi-fold door which rewrites the rules!‘Alumina by Liniar’ has been designed and developed by the same team of experts as the Liniar window system, also the first to launch a bespoke PVCu bi-folding door system to the market in 2011.

The brand new bi-fold door was created in response to customer feedback, as a number of Liniar PVCu fabricators also wish to offer customers an aluminium alternative for larger apertures and commercial projects.

Having built a well-earned reputation in the PVCu fenestration sector, this will be Liniar’s first departure into aluminium – and the Alumina doors include some clever enhancements to set them apart from rival systems.

The technical experts at Liniar have steered clear of the ‘hybrid’ type of door system that’s become popular in recent years – for a number of reasons, but mainly as they can be a nightmare to fabricate, requiring specialist machinery.

In addition, hybrid systems are difficult to recycle at the end or their useful life, as the components are too integrated to be easily separated.

It can also be difficult to explain the benefits of a hybrid system to consumers. PVCu systems have obvious thermal benefits, and aluminium systems have strength and size as their main selling points. Hybrid systems are neither one thing nor the other.

The Alumina system is a true aluminium bi-fold door – but includes some innovative twists, as you’d expect from Liniar.

Made with standard machinery

Able to span 1.2 metres wide per sash and 2.5 metres high, Alumina by Liniar is manufactured using standard aluminium machinery but includes added extra features to make it the ideal choice for heavy duty use.

Warm touch exterior

Aluminium doors are considered sleek, strong, smooth and beautiful, yet can often feel cold – Alumina by Liniar sets the record straight with an optional ‘warm touch’ foiled exterior.

Like other aluminium bi-folds, Alumina by Liniar can be offered in just about any powder-coated colour you can imagine. But what makes Alumina different is that you can also choose a beautiful wood grain or flat foiled finish for your doors.

This means if you have Liniar PVCu windows in your property, you can choose a perfectly matching aluminium bi-fold door – with the foil adding a ‘warm touch’ finish to your doors.

Fully sculptured to match

Alumina is the only fully sculptured (curved) aluminium bi-fold door on the market – so not only will consumers be able to choose Alumina doors that match the exact colour of Liniar sculptured PVCu windows, they will also be the same shape – providing a seamless finish.

Thermally efficient aluminium?

The Liniar PVCu range is renowned for its energy efficiency and Alumina is no different. Pushing the boundaries of thermal performance, the team has created a system designed with tomorrow’s thermal performance requirements in mind, a feature not usually compatible with traditional aluminium windows or doors.

Innovative thermal lock

An area where heat can be lost from the home is through the lock, as it’s difficult to maintain a thermal break in this area. Alumina has been designed from scratch with a combined lock and thermal insert.

This innovative lock unites the ultimate specification of security with a high strength engineering polymer lock body – so the lock itself acts as a thermal break, boosting the door’s thermal performance compared to a traditional aluminium door.

Low U-values

With 28mm double glazed and 36mm or 40mm triple glazed options available, Alumina offers ‘true’ U-values as low as 1.0W/m²k, thanks to the innovative thermal lock and 40mm triple glazed unit.

High security

Alumina ensures the highest security for homeowners with a suite of hardware following the same principles as the Liniar ModLok™ bi-fold system, including multiple bi-directional locking points, shootbolts that secure firmly into the track, built-in anti-lift features and anti-bump cylinders.

Threshold options

All Alumina bi-folding doors are available with three threshold options, for the ultimate in choice. The rebated aluminium frame runs seamlessly around to form a weathertight threshold, and the doors are supplied with this as standard. Liniar’s optional aluminium low threshold requires no trench excavation to install, and is just 23.5mm at its highest point.

Bottom rolling

Easy to open and close, Alumina bi-folds move smoothly and effortlessly along a sleek stainless steel track and are ‘bottom rolling’, not top-hung – meaning no extra stresses are placed on the building’s lintel.

Attention to detail

With innovative features including folding keys, ergonomic handles, hidden fixings for hinges and discreet magnets, the attention to detail is what makes an Alumina bi-folding door ‘best in class’.

Click here for more information on the Alumina by Liniar bi-fold door or email



Glass + LED that lets you illuminate any drawing made with laser engraving on doors or partition walls

One of the most request processing to our company is glass with LED lighting, a truly exceptional optical effect that allows you to customize the walls of your office and give a touch of modernity and amazing technology.

In what consists processing with Glass + LED? The first step is to choose the design, the logo or the writing that you want to impress on the partition wall or on the door; the project becomes digital, and is inserted into the huge laser machine software.

Laser engraving allows you to have the same design on the glass plate with incredible precision, creating a unique three-dimensional effect.

The trump card is then the lighting, inside of the aluminum profiles that support the wall are installed colored LEDs to illuminate the decoration. That’s how we become the wonderful glass with LED of Vetroin.

The customization is total, it will be right you to choose the design or logo for doors and partition walls without any restriction. The whole work carried out internally in our laboratory guarantees maximum quality and great freedom.

Browse the website of Vetroin, you will find many pictures of our recent accomplishments and see with your own eyes the possible final optical effect. You will like it, we are sure. Contact us for more information for glass + LED and to get some no obligation quotes.



Every year, summer signals the arrival of hurricane season across the Southeast and East Coast.

Unpredictable and powerfully destructive, these weather systems can wreak havoc on countless homes and buildings in a matter of hours, as well as lead to emotional trauma for residents.

During one of these intense storms, a home’s windows are at risk from windborne debris, which can cause extensive damage to the interior living spaces due to water and wind.

In addition to the emotional and psychological impact these storms can have on individuals, the financial cost to repair and restore damaged homes is in the billions every year, according to theNational Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.

However, preventive steps taken today can help protect homes and families from this traumatic experience.

“We are constantly working to develop products that help protect the homes of our customers from whatever Mother Nature can produce,” said Jim Parello, Vice President of Marketing for JELD-WEN.

“While we recommend that homeowners always follow instructions from local agencies regarding safety, our windows featuring ImpactGardTM glass help homeowners remain assured that their windows will work hard to protect the home during storms.”

New option for storm protection

JELD-WEN’s best-selling Siteline® wood windows are now available with ImpactGard glass.

These windows are designed to provide up to Wind Zone 3-level protection (up to 130 mph), from windborne debris impacts during hurricanes common from Texas and the Gulf Coast, all the way north to New England.

Coupled with the company’s proprietary AuraLast® wood, these windows represent best-in-class performance without compromising on design aesthetics.

ImpactGard glass features laminated glass technology with the glazing on the outside of the window so that, in the event of breakage, most of the broken glass adheres to the protective inner layer or falls to the outside of the home.

One unobtrusive, small clip on each side of the rail enables the use of ImpactGard glass, which takes the brute force of storms and diffuses it into the frame and wall. Because the clip is inconspicuous, the look is simply beautiful rather than fortress-like.

“JELD-WEN® windows and doors provide durable options for homeowners who need extreme weather solutions,” added Parello. “We are committed to developing windows that blend a beautiful design with durable construction so homeowners can enjoy a gorgeous view year-round without worrying about the impact of storm season.”

JELD-WEN offers a full line of windows and patio doors with ImpactGard glass and other options designed to meet a wide variety of building codes, features, budgets and warranty considerations.

JELD-WEN windows with ImpactGard glass are available throughout the Eastern Seaboard and along the Gulf Coast in the United States and come with a robust warranty.*

For more information on JELD-WEN products or how to help safeguard a home during storm season, please visit


JELD-WEN — one of the world’s largest manufacturers of doors and windows — operates in 25 countries with 113 manufacturing facilities located primarily in North America, Europe and Australia.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company designs, produces and distributes an extensive range of interior and exterior doors, wood, vinyl and aluminum windows and related products for use in the new construction and repair and remodeling of residential homes and non-residential buildings.

JELD-WEN’s full breadth of products has earned numerous awards and endorsements for dependability, innovation and excellence — providing solutions that deliver exceptional value for builders, architects and homeowners around the world.

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An advancement by Trojan to offer its coloured hardware range of flag and composite door hinges in any RAL shade benefits customers of Carl F Groupco, a long-standing supplier of the manufacturer’s products. The full Trojan range of window and door products is distributed by Carl F Groupco, including the Patriot Plus hinge, which is now available in Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, Cream or any of the other colours in the RAL system.

The Trojan Patriot Plus hinge is a best-selling Carl F Groupco line due to its high security features and slim, unobtrusive appearance, which allows for enhanced clearance of plaster lines. The non-handed hinge is also popular due to PAS 24 capabilities, when used as part of a tested door assembly.

Commenting on how the colour enhancement made by Trojan will extend the options for the highly popular Patriot Plus hinge, John Crittenden, Managing Director of Carl F Groupco said: “The increased range of colours will enhance the market appeal of this already highly popular product. The benefits of harmonising hardware with colour themes is growing in popularity and, with a choice of any RAL colour, increasing demand for complementary design schemes is being supported.”

Carl F Groupco confirms that the bespoke painted range from Trojan maintains the manufacturer’s high standards including 1,000 hours salt spray resistance and a 10 year mechanical and surface finish warranty.



P20E is the new aluminium profile which allows you to realize basic frames for continuous walls made of tempered and laminated glass.

Suitable for offices and private rooms, since it easily divides the space but shielding the area’s luminosity. The minimal shape and design facilitates and speeds the continuous walls’ dregs.

It suits glass from 8 up to 13,52 mm

P20E is available in two lengths, 2,8 mt and 5,7 mt – and in two finishes, clear anodized aluminum (at stock starting from 25/07/2016) and imitation satin stainless steel (at stock starting from September 2016)

ATTENTION: the new P20E profile will totally substitute the current P10E, which will be available ‘till stock lasts and will run out of production then.


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Designed to retrofit to existing transparent surfaces, Switchable Smart Film by Intelligent Glass provides a simple and cost effective alternative to other Switchable Film technologies.

It is manufactured with a self-adhesive cling layer on one side (peel and stick) which makes it easy to apply to both new and existing glass (no specialist installation equipment required).

A simple ON – OFF mode switches the film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque). In its frosted state the film acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass, window or partition.

The film is available in two standard widths 1000mm (38.6″) and 1200mm (47.3″) and can be cut to any size. Custom shapes and sizes are available and multiple pieces can be joined together to create large switchable glazed panels or partitions.

This unique film technology also transforms any glass into a high definition rear projection screen allowing you to display corporate presentations, TV images and videos. A truly innovative product making switchable glass technology accessible to everyone while giving your home or business the added WOW factor.


Unicel combines ViuLite® internal blinds with TGP’s Pilkington Pyrostop® glass for UL fire-rated privacy and shading solution

Unicel Architectural and Technical Glass Products (TGP) announced today the availability of Unicel’s ViuLite® Venetian blinds-within-glass combined with Pilkington Pyrostop® fire-resistive-rated glass from TGP for a privacy and shading solution with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) fire-resistive classification.

ViuLite integrated blinds now incorporate glazing with fire ratings of 45, 60 and 90 minutes.

“UL classified ViuLite ensures enhanced safety and performance,” said Jean-François Couturier, CEO of Unicel. “This best-in-class product assembly checks all the boxes for privacy, shading and protection from fire. ViuLite with Pilkington Pyrostop glazing now offers an ideal application for windows and doors in homes, schools, healthcare facilities and more.”

The combined ViuLite and Pilkington Pyrostop glazing assembly is UL classified and labeled for windows and doors, and meets the following safety standards:

  • ANSI/UL 9, Fire Tests of Window Assemblies A
  • NSI/UL 10B, Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • ANSI/UL 10C, Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • CAN/ULC-S104, Standard Method for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies

“Very few glazing products balance privacy and shading with fire resistance. ViuLite internal blinds with Pilkington Pyrostop fire-rated glazing make it possible for building teams to satisfy this diverse set of performance criteria, and keep the needs of occupants at the forefront of fire and life safety design,” said Jeff Razwick, president of Technical Glass Products.

ViuLite is a system of blinds that are permanently sealed within a double-glazed cavity for a completely dust-free and maintenance-free environment.

ViuLite provides protection from solar radiation and can quickly regulate the internal environmental lighting levels. It filters light transmission and controls the effects of daylight with a simple tilting of the blinds. Heat and visual comfort are easily adjusted to accommodate the changing seasonal conditions.

Pilkington Pyrostop is a fire-rated and impact safety-rated glazing material that blocks radiant and conductive heat, helping protect people and valuables on the non-fire side of the glass where heat transfer might be a concern.

The product is fire-rated for up to two hours, passes all required fire tests, including the hose stream test, and meets the impact requirements of CPSC 16CFR1201 Category I and/or Category II to provide safety and visibility. Pilkington Pyrostop is classified and labeled with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.® (UL) in large sizes.

About Technical Glass Products

Technical Glass Products (TGP) is your one source for fire-rated glass and framing systems, along with specialty architectural glass products. The company offers AIA registered continuing education, project consultation, product specifications, CAD drawings, BIM 3D models and rapid-response quoting.

For more information about TGP’s products and services, call (800) 426-0279 or visit (fire-rated glass) or (architectural glass).

About Unicel Architectural

For over 50 years, Unicel Architectural has built a reputation for the most advanced aluminum and glass solutions. These solutions encompass louvered glazing, skylights and more, to enhance major global construction initiatives with utmost quality and reliability.

With its proprietary technology, Unicel’s award-winning Vision Control® delivers unprecedented comfort and control of vision, light, temperature and sound with a patented combination of louvers between glass that are hermetically sealed and cordless.

Unicel’s solutions are guaranteed for longevity, optimized for energy efficiency, and customizable to any design, environmental or cultural requirements. Unicel combines its market leading know-how with great design to ensure optimal aesthetics and sustainable performance.

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When insulated glass units (IGUs) use aluminium spacer bars, which are thermally conductive, 80 percent of window energy loss occurs at the edge of the glass.

Edgetech offers a wide range of warm edge spacer bar products for the best perimeter insulation of IGUs.

Our Super Spacer® flexible spacer technology brought warm edge technology to the forefront of the market and its clever design and manufacture can help simplify the process of manufacturing sealed glazing units.

Super Spacer is much less conductive than aluminium. Preventing heat loss at the perimeter of the window helps to achieve higher Window Energy Ratings and lower energy costs.

Super Spacer is a flexible, silicone foam spacer. Desiccant-filled with pre-applied side adhesive, Super Spacer is easy to apply and a high-speed, fully automated line can manufacture up to 1400 insulated glass units in a single 8-hour shift.

IGU manufacturing lines and machinery (manual, semi-automated, fully automated and high-speed fully automated) are supported by Edgetech’s technical division. Technical support from Edgetech includes support during installation, training sessions for your team and troubleshooting help.

Edgetech offers a range of Super Spacer warm edge spacer bar products to its customers to suit different applications. Here are the main benefits of each Super Spacer product.

The dual seal insulating glass spacer system uses high-performance acrylic adhesive and is backed by a multi-layer moisture vapour seal.

It reduces window U-values by up to 0.2W/m²K and noise pollution by up to 2dB.

Super Spacer Premium reduces perimeter condensation and typically lasts twice as long as dual seal systems and 5 times as long as single year systems: it carries a 40 year performance guarantee.

There’s no need for Super Spacer to be cut into bar length form, have a PIB primary seal applied or be filled with desiccant which speeds up insulated glass unit manufacture, significantly saves on labour costs and massively increases productivity for IGU manufacturers.

There are three application options for Edgetech customers. Manual application allows a three man team to manufacture up to 250 units in an 8 hour shift. Semi-automated increases this to 400 and fully automated machines can produce up to 960 units in a shift. For high-speed lines this goes up to over 1400. Automated Super Spacer application also means that there is no wastage – reducing production costs even further.

Super Spacer is also ideal for manufacturing triple glazed units. Machines designed for manufacturing triple glazing have two spacer head applicators, for applying two different widths of Super Spacer to a unit. Fully automated lines with two spacer applicators can also be set up to manufacture double glazed units with different widths of Super Spacer for simple and speedy switching to increase efficiency.

Super Spacer Premium is certified by Passive House Institute’s energy efficiency stamp of phA+.

Super Spacer Alpha

Award-winning flexible spacer bar, Super Spacer Alpha is the most thermally efficient flexible warm edge spacer bar.

Reverse engineered by the Edgetech team, it achieves exceptional thermal performance and its sculptured shape enables sealant cost savings of up to 20 percent.

Based on 25 years of proven field performance, Super Spacer Alpha comes with a 40-year performance guarantee, has excellent UV resistance and enhanced sound dampening.

It is manufactured from superior silicone foam to offer extreme temperature performance. Its unique dual-seal design allows for enhanced gas retention and immediate unit handling.

Super Spacer Heritage

Super Spacer Heritage is an innovative warm edge spacer bar that answers an age-old issue. It is specially designed to meet the needs of retrofit, restoration and replication projects where the final aesthetics are of paramount importance.

It maintains the high Super Spacer performance but because it is only 3mm deep it replicates single glazed units with ultra slim sightlines and a traditional putty line or glazing bead rebate.

It’s available in unit cavity options of 4mm, 6mm and 8mm and applied using Edgetech’s special Heritage Shuttle. It references the glass edge for a precise line and its flexibility allows sharp 90 degree corners or unusual shapes for a flawless finish and is still quick and efficient to apply.

Super Spacer Triseal™ and T-Spacer

Super Spacer® TriSeal™ Premium is the flexible warm edge spacer bar which has been specially designed to beat the challenges of commercial glazing, including silicone structural glazing.

With a unique, triple seal design it reduces energy consumption in curtain walling systems by up to 15 percent and 29 percent across glazing systems. It has passed the toughest tests in the industry and offers a warmer sightline with up to 8°C improvement.

TriSeal and T-Spacer offer enhanced sound dampening and extreme temperature performance to help customers meet the comprehensive specifications often set in the commercial glazing market.

TriSeal and T-Spacer have been accredited with the Passive House efficiency stamp with phA standard. It reduces condensation and virtually eliminates the potential circumstances in which mould grows.

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