Invisible Film Just feel the Privacy

Peel-and-stick simplicity for easy installation on any window in minutes.

A film with a clear adhesive backing, our Self-Adhesive film makes enjoying the benefits of InvisiShade simpler and more affordable.

Available pre-cut by your dealer to your specifications or in a variety of easy-to-trim standard sizes.


Limitless applications.

From bedroom to boardroom, living room to showroom, customers all over the world enjoy InvisiShade in thousands of different applications.

Replace aging window treatments, or enhance new ones.

The only limit is the imagination.

3The high-tech solution to boring.

We enjoy manufacturing products that look more magic than science.

People often ask how our products seemingly defy the laws of physics.

Read on for a down-to-earth explanation of our wizardry.


900x600_Conference_Room_93897023Self-Adhesive Film Features and Specifications

Instant ON/OFF switching from any conventional wall switch or remote control. Frosted to clear takes 100 milliseconds. Clear to frosted takes 400 milliseconds. (The blink of a human eye takes 400 milliseconds.)

  • Cuts UV exposure by 99%
  • Reduces solar rays by 42%
  • Consumes a minuscule 0.65 watts per square foot when switched ON (clear mode). (That’s less than a typical alarm clock LCD screen.)
  • Consumes 0 watts when switched OFF (frosted mode).
  • Amperage: 9.3 mA/sq. ft.
  • Operating temperature: -68°F to 140°F
  • Tested to 100,000+ ON/OFF cycles?
  • Thickness: 0.48mm
  • Power requirements: 110VAC, 50/60 HZ. Adapters for 220VAC, 12VDC, and other voltages available.
  • Light transmittance: ON: 78%, OFF 7%
  • Haze: ON: 5%, OFF 78%
  • Sizes: Unlimited custom sizes available from every InvisiShade dealer, up to 47.24″ x 118.11″ (1200mm x 3000mm). Multiple sheets will need to be used on windows larger than these dimensions.