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Dynamic glass – sun, comfort and unlimited views

People need daylight. Glass facades provide light and open settings but they also place high demands on how energy should be handled, with respect to the environment, comfort and sustainability. Access to daylight while screening out direct sunlight might seem contradictory, but dynamic glass can fulfill these needs in a single product.

ConverLight™ is an electrochromic glass with dynamic solar control features that can be used in all types of glass solutions, from a single glass pane to an insulating glass unit. When sunlight lights up the façade, the glass tints darker and incoming solar radiation is reduced.

Our dynamic glass is suitable for new construction, reconstruction and renovation. It is smart and flexible and gives the architect freedom of design as our solution does not affect the appearance of the façade and can even be provided as bent glass or insulated glass unit.

Solar control when needed

ConverLight™ offers UV protection that reduces risk of fading interiors. The dynamic glass also has noice reduction properties. The dynamic glass solution consists of two tempered glass panes and a laminate layer and the glass sections can be as large as 1.55 x 4.40 m.
The dynamic glass adapts to conditions for optimal use in the building. Seasonal, weather and time of day – there is great variation and the indoor comfort is dependent on variable solar control. Reduced reflections on computer screens and lower light contrasts are important benefits in working environment. The possibility of individual solar control in defined zones is also important.

More comfort with less energy with electrochromic glass

Energy savings come from reduced needs for cooling, since the heat surplus of solar radiation can be reduced up to 90% by dynamically shading the glass. Together with lower operational and maintenance costs, ConverLight™ makes for a very efficient solution. The environmental footprint is reduced while people experience well-being from their interior environment. ConverLight™ also contributes to fulfilling the requirements of environmental certifications such as LEED and BREEAM.

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