Eye-catching packaging and presentations captivate not only the viewer’s instincts but also one’s buying potential. In the process, the quintessential role is played by companies that manufacture those very desirable & attractive packages. And a company that for the last 17 years has been dedicatedly involved in successfully manufacturing Multilayer Printed and Laminated films is ‘Sheetal Mercantile Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Guardian Glass

    At Guardian Glass, we pride ourselves on creating a work environment that recognizes and celebrates individuality, teamwork and success. We provide you with the right tools and resources to succeed in a culture based on integrity, compliance and value creation. Our entrepreneurial spirit encourages employees to think bigger, and creates opportunities to learn and work side-by-side with some very skilled and knowledgeable mentors. You can be part of a company committed to sustainability that makes products to improve people’s lives.