WindowMaster launches 3-in-1 medium sized chain actuator with the strength of large actuators

WindowMaster released a new state-of-the art window actuator that comes in three variants. The actuator contains attributes and features, that have long been sought by the markets along with the ground breaking TrueSpeed technology.

Up until now, WindowMaster has had one automated window actuator classified in the medium size chain product portfolio (300-500N).

This is about to change, as we are ready to bring a new window actuator in three variants to the market this year; the WMU 852, the WMU 851 and the WMU 831.

The three variants are different in strength and energy usage, which enables the customers to pick the right actuator depending on their specific needs.

Furthermore, a new PCB has been developed to the three actuator variants. The PCB allows more programming space and an inbuilt five plug pole switch, which will ease installation of the actuator and let the user directly connect the cable and pressure safety strips into the connector plug.


One actuator – three variants 

The WMU 852/851/831 belongs to the medium chain product group in the WindowMaster actuator portfolio. The product will come in three variants, each targeted to its specific group of performance required for the job.

Where the WMU 852 is for high performance on extra power and longer strokes, the WMU 851 is for extra power and minimum current consumption, and finally the WMU 831 was made for reliable performance and natural ventilation.

Together the three medium chain WMU actuators, which all come in the same sized housing, give more possibilities to make smarter choices for the future façade windows.

The goal with the new actuator variants was to create power and value for money in a strong familiar housing (based on another WindowMaster actuator).

The basic design set-outs were to make use of as much as possible of surrounding accessories and design in such a way that the actuator would be easy to manufacture and instantly recognized, hence design for manufacturing at its best.

Additionally, making use of brackets from other large actuator models, like the WMU 88+ actuator series, and not changing the mounting protocol ensures familiarization and easiness for our customers already familiar with the WindowMaster actuator portfolio.


WMU 852

This newly constructed actuator from WindowMaster is built for performance, reliability and durability. It is a compact medium chain actuator, which is classic in its form factor and comes with the familiar WindowMaster technology. WindowMaster offers actuators with small, medium, and large chains to meet all requirements in the market.

Due to the multiple usage of brackets from other familiar WindowMaster actuators, the WMU 852 will share bracketry with its portfolio siblings, which makes this actuator multi-useable in all situations and on most surfaces and profiles.


WMU 851

The WMU 851 was created for less current consumption and higher efficiency. Whilst still possessing similar features to the WMU 852, the shorter stroke enables the WMU 851 to provide the right amount of power to do the job and still deliver on performance.


WMU 831

The WMU 831 is the third variant of the new medium chain WMU actuator. The WMU 831 will perform as needed for natural ventilation in façade windows and compare on strength and reliability to the best in the market, while still being the smarter choice.


TrueSpeed™ – Introducing a new, innovative feature

All three variants of the new WMU actuator come with the new TrueSpeed technology developed by WindowMaster. With TrueSpeed™ it is now possible to synchronize the opening of all windows.

While our MotorLink® technology allows you to connect up to four actuators so you can open the automated windows simultaneously, TrueSpeed™ allows you to connect the MotorLink® lines meaning that you can now open all windows in sync.

Moreover, TrueSpeed™ can slow down the actuator movement (down to 1mm per second), which enables the actuators to run completely silent and give the user a higher degree of control.


Styling and specifications

The new WMU actuator is the smart choice for high quality and power. In fact, the window actuator variants deliver up to 500N in a classic WindowMaster façade actuator.

This is great strength for a medium sized chain actuator. Multiple window types can use the WMU 852/851/831 meaning that the product will be available for a large group of contractors, façade builders and others using, planning, or building with natural ventilation.

Read more about the specifications here