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Who We Are

Architectural glass typically needs to be processed for actual use. Used extensively for buildings as transparent glazing material for the ”building envelope” and also for windows, internal partitions, etc architectural glass is transparent to visible light and needs to be reinforced, toughened and laminated for actual use. here”s where Fuso comes in. A one of its kind glass processor catering to world class glass manufacturers, FUSO brings you the experience, expertise, best practices to make glass usable, Simply world class.

Unique Value Proposition

Since inception Fuso Glass India Pvt Ltd has built a tradition on exceptional quality and service. The company primarily focuses on discovering, developing and marketing abroad range of premier architectural glass products direct and through key tie-ups.FUSO”s unique value proposition of better, faster and cost effective and high quality solutions has resulted in bringing the company to well earned position of strength and leadership in the Indian Processed Glass Industry today. FUSO is closely associated with all the major glass customers in India and cater to their ever changing demands and requirements. FUSO in association with a score of proficient architects across India have created enviable designs in glass. It has successfully completed more than 1000 projects for many prestigious clients in the country.

Largest Importer

Expertise in glass processing combined with a strong marketing acumen has enabled Fuso to become India”s largest importer of quality glass products from different part of the world and has attained the leadership position in glass processing and trading of glass products.

Quality is Success

Since inception stringent quality policies have been the backbone of FUSO Glass India Pvt Ltd. The company has adopted an unrelenting attitude to reinforce the high quality standards in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction. FUSO”s forte lies in the well documented Quality Management System, backed by constant efforts that have been directed towards improving product features processes and services over the years. Innovations and continuous improvement is the key to FUSO”s success. Rendering high quality products and services have been possible due to the cumulative efforts put in by each and every individual involved in the projects. Effective agreement on customer”s requirement and the strong focus to deliver the best have been the underlying factors in our growth.

Sofisticated R&D Testing

Fuso Glass India Pvt Ltd has developed extensive contacts with major independent Universities and Testing Laboratories to develop innovations for glass processing. An important aspect of this work is research studies. Used as indicators, research leads us to change, refinement and enhanced production. Over the years has led to us to invest in greater automation in our production process. This focus has helped Fuso eliminate the potential for errors and manufacture a more cost effective end product.”In the face of constant change, innovation and discovery, our core values have remained constant: commitment to consistent quality, safety, health and environment; high ethical standards; and treating people with respect.” -Ashok B. Jain ED, Fuso Glass India Pvt Ltd.
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