0pen cell PU (polyurethane) spacer tapes:

This is  Double sided self-adhesive open cell polyurethane foam with high density. Exclusive use of high-grade pure acrylic adhesive ensures excellent shear resistance on surfaces of glass, steel and anodized aluminium. This tape excels by its paramount weathering resistance and by its outstanding resistance against ultra-violet radiation. Pentagon bow PU spacers have an open cell structure. This allow an air and moisture to reach the silicon to allow optimum curing.


Benefits and application:


Pentagon bow PU spacer tape is compatible with all important structural glazing silicons that are commercially available.

 It is used as a spacer during window fabrication and façade constructon. The product is a spacer material, but not a structural component.

 It provides an initial fixation of the glass panel. It maintains the required distance in order to obtain the exact specified silicon thickness. It stabilises the components while the sealing silicone cures.

 Its advantages over an extruded profile is that it eliminates the need of using clips and thus avoids two labour and cost intensive steps.

 Pentagon bow spacer also prevents mechanical contact between metal and glass. It is able to accommodate itself to minor movements of the silicone seal.

 In addition, it provides thermal insulation, thus avoiding condensation of water vapour. It seals against water vapour. It seals against water, air and dust and finally gives noise insulation.

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