Caldwell Hardware has acquired Archintex Architecturals Pvt Ltd.

Earlier today, Caldwell Manufacturing Company North America, LLC was pleased to announce the acquisition of the Archintex Architecturals Pvt Ltd (Archintex). It has been acquired by our newly formed Asian business unit Caldwell SEA Private Ltd.

This acquisition will enable Caldwell to expand its branded lines (such as Cotswold) and partner product lines within India and the rest of South East Asia. You can expect the same level of personal attention and service you’ve come to expect from Archintex, but with the added strength of Caldwell’s scale, distribution, products and significant investment in R & D.

The acquisition of the Archintex assets will see all your outstanding purchase orders, pricing structures and new orders all placed in the name of Caldwell SEA Private Ltd.

I am very pleased to confirm that Rakesh Ghai, Umesh Ghai and Uday Shetty will all remain as shareholders within Caldwell SEA Private Ltd and will continue to play a fully active role in the business. I will be joining the team and helping to look after the interest of the region. Working closely with the team in India, we will ensure a smooth transition.

Tim Ferkin
Market Development Director

If you have any questions, please contact directly on 0044 7815 945979 or


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