Case Study – GE Enduris silicone roof coat: the right choice for now and later

Restore with confidence

The harsh Indian climate puts daily stress on buildings’ roofs due to high UV exposure, extreme heat, monsoons, and even hail. These conditions left the MANN+HUMMEL roof badly deteriorated and leaking after only five years, risking severe equipment damage and production loss. When the company decided to restore the roof surface, Procurement Director Radha Krishnan looked for a lasting solution that would do more than protect. He explained, “We didn’t want just another roof. We wanted something that would elevate overall roof and building performance. I only buy a product when I’m completely convinced, and GE Enduris was a total solution backed by a team that could answer all my inquiries.”

only buy a product when I’m completely convinced, and GE Enduris was a total solution backed by a team that could answer all my inquiries.”

Radha Krishnan — Procurement Director at MANN+HUMMEL

2Unmatched waterproofing and protection

Krishnan was impressed with the way GE Enduris* roof coating perfectly solved for the company’s performance needs. GE Enduris roof coating is unmatched for its UV stability and resistance to ponding water, and experiences no hardening or cracking due to age. Its 100% silicone makeup allows for expansion and contraction as temperatures rise and fall each day. And GE Enduris roof coating resists continuous exposure to particles, pollutants, and atmospheric conditions, while keeping its structural integrity for decades.

MANN+HUMMEL experienced other benefits of GE Enduris 100% silicone roof coating. In addition to being a non­combustible and vapor permeable membrane, it forms a single seamless layer across the entire surface—an important factor in renovations like this.

Compatible with virtually any substrate

As soon as GE Performance Coatings Approved Applicator Pride Projects got to work, the team was impressed by the robust and flexible GE Enduris system. Its ease of application allowed them to cover every part of the 7,800 square meter PVC memberane roof—including features such as parapet walls, drains, chimneys, vertical surfaces, metal finishing caps, and more.

The Pride Projects team appreciated how the system’s single primerless coating meant that just a few components could be scaled to meet any waterproofing challenge on nearly any material, with a seamless finish that liquid couldn’t penetrate. And because the coating was stable upon application, progress continued even as monsoon season was beginning and rain was imminent. “Waterproofing is our specialty. The system’s fast curing and compatibility with each roof material we encountered saved us hours of work, and required no extra preparation.

In the end, GE Enduris helped us to be even more efficient,” said Mohan Panwar, owner of Pride Projects.


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