To preserve the views from a historic residence, the architectcovered the roof with a skin of zinc. 

In the middle of Mahabaleshwar surrounded by the green envelope of trees, stands thisPrivate House, distinguished by the green roof that gives it a contemporary feel.

The new roof of this classic residence is inseparable from the building which is several years old. It is austere and powerful and its stone walls are equally impressive. The old building was restored: The architect gave it back its double-sloped roofing(The original roof was damaged).

A zinc roof, which is visible from all around, now forms a frame for the rectangular spread out home. Zinc with a contemporary design creates a striking contrast with the original historic building. The layout of Zinc and the overhang of the roof protects the ground floor patio.

The architect chose Zinc as the roofing material due to its longevity, environmental suitability and aesthetics.  Zinc also requires little or no maintenance. The roof that blends so well with the original brick walls of the house also appears in total symbiosis with nature.