How to install the stair railings of the duplex building

In order to ensure the safety of our walking and living, many homeowners nowadays often install handrails when they are doing stairs, which can effectively guarantee the safety and comfort of our living. There are a variety of handrail material, such as not stainless steel handrail , staircase handrail wood, glass and iron staircase handrail stair railing, etc., stair handrails of different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. How to install the stair railings of the duplex building Let us take this question together and learn about the material of the stair railings !

1 , stainless steel handrail

     Its advantage is that the surface is bright and smooth, feels comfortable to the touch, is generous and looks good, and is not prone to discoloration. It is water-resistant and easy to clean. If it has stains on its surface, we only need to scrub it directly with a wet towel. It has good durability and long service life , so there is no problem in using it for 20 years. Therefore, stainless steel handrails are used in public places. The disadvantage of stainless steel handrails is that they are less decorative and we feel cold when we touch them in winter.

 2 , solid wood stair railing

     Its advantages are thick material, good durability and long service life. And it is environmentally friendly, has a variety of textures, and has good decorative properties. We don’t have to worry about it polluting the living room air. However, the cost of solid wood stair railings is relatively high, and it is suitable in high-grade decoration, and the wood stair railings are poor in water resistance, and it is not suitable for use in areas with large temperature differences. Solid wood stair railings require regular maintenance and are more troublesome to clean.

 3 , glass stair railing

     Its advantage is that it has a strong sense of transparency, even if it is used in a small apartment, it will not affect the lighting of the living room. It is used in a minimalist style of decoration, and the room can be more beautiful with the decoration of the glass stair railing. And the transparent glass material can highlight the shape of the stairs itself, which greatly increases the sense of openness. The disadvantage of the glass stair handrail is that it is poor in durability, high in price, and easy to be broken.

4 , wrought iron stair railings

     Its advantages are strong and durable materials, beautiful shapes, a variety of patterns, strong decorative, and its practicality is also very strong. Because the pattern of the wrought iron stair handrail is more complicated, and the embossed parts of the wrought iron flower are easy to hide dust, it is very troublesome and troublesome to clean.

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