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Danpal India  a subsidiary of Danpal group is working in Indian market for last 18 years and successfully completed more than 5000 projects in India. Please visit our website for more images  & technical datawww.danpal.com

Danpal was established in 1968 and has history for more than 50 years as  a professional company in the field of high-tech skylight and curtain wall system, Danpal provides first-class service as a whole on design, material supply and  technical guidance . The design Danpal  provides on roofing or curtain wall system is a turn-key design i.e. to design all kinds of aluminum accessories accordingly and to provide the construction proposal specially for each project, which will meet with the special requirement brought forward by the customer on wind resistance, waterproofing, etc.

Danpal product plays the leading role in the polycarbonate industry and we are the only manufacturer who achieved the certificate granted by CSTB in the continuous fifteen years, giving a proof that Danpal product is suitable to be a permanent building material ( CSTB updates the certificate every 3 years ). The certificate will be issued only when there is no discontent on product quality on aging, waterproofing, system fixation and so forth. In Europe, customer will make a claim to the insurance company if any damage, water leakage and etc were caused to the product. However, up till now, with the proof of the insurance company, there is no claim record of Danpal products. Being spoken highly due to the excellent performance and good quality, Danpal product is widely used in Europe, USA and Asia.

Danpal has completed hundreds and thousands of all sorts of projects in India and aboard, accumulating abundant experience and making remarkable achievement. The famous projects include:

Project : Reliance Jio Garden

Project : Saifai International Cricket Stadium

Project : Chennai , Bangalore, Vadodara Airports etc

Project : Shopping Malls ( Oberoi, Market city, Inorbit  etc )

With the fast growing up of India economy, the general level and the technical & artistic conception of urban construction have improved tremendously. Many outstanding architects work out excellent design, which is with rich artistic features and strong characteristic and is close to the development theme of the times, as a result higher requirement is brought forward to the material selection and processing technology of high-tech roofing or curtain wall application in the industry. Following the steps of the times, Danpal will keep on improving all kinds of products and also increasing self-capacity, trying the utmost to fully display the individual characteristic and specialization of the work of each architect in every project.


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