U.P. Twiga

U.P.Twiga Fiberglass Limited

An ISO 9001:2008 , 14001 Company

Twiga, a technical licensee of Isover Saint Gobain, is the leading manufacturer of fiberlass wool insulation in India with a 30 year track record of supplying domestic and export customers with world-class products for thermal and acoustic insulation. The hallmark of Twiga products are their superior fire properties and their extremely cost-effective nature.  Twiga Insul, the premierinsulation brand in India is also now present in South East Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and many other Asian and African countries.



Twiga, an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company has manufacturing facilities at Sikandrabad (Near Delhi) and Ambernath (Near Mumbai). The Ambernath facility is OHSAS 18001 certified.

Twiga Insul being a Green Building product are made of inorganic fibers with a thermosetting resin binder. Products are either flexible blanket or semi -rigid and rigid boards with wide range densities, thicknesses and facings. Twiga Insul is a high performing insulation with high energy efficiency and acoustic properties.


  1. Product Range:
  • Fiberglass wool insulation long and short blankets, bats, boards with and without aluminium polypropylene, glass cloth and tissue laminations
  • HVAC prefabricated duct boards and acoustic boards
  • Preformed chilled water and hot water pipe-sections
  • Insulated and un-insulated flexible ducts
  • Fiberglass tissue.


  1. Application areas for Twiga Insul:


  • Building envelope
  • HVAC
  • Drywall partition
  • Pre engineered buildings and light gauge/pre fabricated structures (e.g low cost housing
  • Other segments include cold storage, bus-body, metro rail cars, long distance rail coaches and many other processes/niche segments.


So under steady state condition, normal Brick wall of 230 mm thickn


  1. Approvals and enlistments:


  • GRIHA/SVAGRIHA (National green building rating system –India)
  • Indian Green Building Council
  • FM Approved for metal building and HVAC
  • Indian Navy
  • Central Public Works Departments (India)
  • Engineers India Limited…and many more



Twiga Glass Wool spandrel Insulations are available with factory-applied Aluminum Foil – FSK, Black Glass Tissue – BGT, Black Glass Cloth & with other various suitable options as required.

The other salient features of Twiga Fiberglass Wool products are: –

  • Twiga Insulators saves energy and reduce heat transfer, lowering operating costs.
  • Twiga Insul is chemically inert & is rot proof & odorless
  • Twiga Insul is non combustible in accordance with BS 476 ,part 4 , ISO 1182
  • Twiga insul is light weight & resilient. Easy to handle , fabricate & install at site.
  • Complies to environmental, health and safety criteria as per the green assessment requirement laid by Singapore Green Building Council
  • It has NIL shot content in accordance to IS 3144 / BS 2972. It does not corrode the material on which it is applied.
  • Resin bonded fiberglass wool material is free from impurities. Conforms to IS 8183
  • The moisture content and water absorption is less than 2% in accordance to IS 3144 / BS 2972.
  • Delivers Higher Thermal Resistance R value along with acoustic insulation.
  • Twiga Insul can contribute to earning Leed points

Why to Insulate:  To minimize the Heat Gain in the building.


Case I = so under steady state condition, Normal Brick wall Construction – 230 mm thick without using any insulation.

 The Total Heat Transmittance will be U = 1 / ΣR , where as R = R1+R2+R3+R4

R1 = Thermal Resistance of Air Film  onExterior Surface = 0.04 M2.K / W

R2 = Thermal Resistance   of Gypsum Plaster 13 mm  = 0.079 M2.K / W

R3 = Thermal Resistance   of 230 MM Brick wall   = 0.284  M2.K / W

R4 = Thermal Resistance of Air Film on Interior Surface  = 0.13  M2.K / W

So ,Σ R = 0.04 + 0.079 +0.284+0.13 = 0.533 M2.K / W.

U = 1 / 0.533 = 1.8 W / M2.K

ess, when subjected to 1 degree Celsius temperature differential, will transmit heat of 1.8 Watt per sqm area from hot face to cold face.