Window Transforms Into a Balcony at the Touch of a Button




Designed by Amsterdam-based firm HofmanDujardin Architects and developed by renowned French manufacturer Kawneer, the Bloomframe balcony has been on the drawing board for many years now. A computer-generated demonstration caused a stir across the internet as far back as 2008, offering a tantalizing glimpse of how the product could animate the exterior of luxury skyscrapers across the globe, from Manhattan high-rises to Parisian condominiums.

Late that year, a working prototype was presented at the international construction exhibition “Batimat” in Paris. The 1:1 scale model shows an upper glass section coupled with an opaque panel that folds down to become the floor of the balcony. Engineering details for such a device have proven challenging to perfect, though, and Kawneer is continuing development to ensure the balcony is robust enough without compromising on the sleek, modern aesthetic.

At the beginning of 2016, HofmanDujardin released an updated video of the Bloomframe in an enticing new context: an entire apartment building is shown with dozens of balconies emerging and retracting across an elegant façade of glass and obsidian steel. Issues of cost and maintenance would suggest these kinetic windows will not become ubiquitous, but for high-end residential developments in New York and further afield, it may well be an attractive option for architects and clients alike.

Source from :. HofmanDujardin, Architizer