Winwall Technology India Private Limited (WTIPL) is a state of the art façade testing facility that conducts tests and certifies facades, doors, windows and skylight for design verification and performance requirement to meet ASTM & AS/NZS and /or any international standards.


WTIPL has established its first façade testing facility and is a joint venture between WinwallTechnology PteLtd. (WTPL), a leading façade testing company in Singapore and Abhinava Aluminium Private Limited, a well-known anodizing company in South India.


Winwall Technology Pte.Ltd.,Singapore (WTPL) was established in the year 1992 and is one of the leading façade testing facilities in Asia. WTPL has successfully carried out over 1000+ projects in Asia. It is accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) under Singapore Laboratory Accreditations Scheme (SINGLAS) which is mutually recognized by many other countries. Since its establishment, WTPL has been serving the building and construction industry with a highly commendable level of quality testing services for twenty years. We have acquired invaluable experience and earned commendations from clients for our service excellence, not only for quality testing services, but above all, a comprehensive solution provider.


Throughout the years, we have devoted ourselves to learning about our clients’ practices. Harnessing the knowledge of the products and our modern facility, we are proud to be one of the largest facilities in the region providing facade test and solutions beyond the minimum regulatory requirements adopted by countries in the Asia Pacific region. History has proven that all products tested by us and used in renowned skyscrapers in the region have withstood the harsh weathering conditions and protected the safety of the building users and general public.


With abnormal climate changes especially over the last decade, awareness for the safety of the buildings has escalated and testing requirements made more stringent. Architects, building developers, contractors, specifiers including manufacturers of cladding materials have taken great efforts in considering all probable scenarios which might endanger the general public from problems attributed to design defects of building envelopes such as curtain walls, windows & door systems and poor workmanship during installation of such systems.


Our comprehensive testing solutions have by far assisted our clients in eliminating probable defects such as glass breakage, water leakage, excessive deformation of structural components and air leakage or damages to hardware and accessories. This ensures timely completion of building projects and most importantly, safety of users of buildings and the general public, preventing any legal implication due to product defects or professional negligence. Hence, there has been an increasing demand for performance tests by owners, specifiers and manufacturers to obtain a credible degree of assurance.

Performance Testing:



                                             AIR PERMEABILITY

Different pressures are applied incrementally up to specified pressures. Air infiltration or exfiltration measured by air flow meters are available.




                                      WATER PENETRATION

Consists of Static, Dynamic and Cyclic tests, Water is delivered at rates of up to 10 litre per minute per meter square through a matrix of spray nozzles 700mm centre to centre. Differential pressures are applied incrementally to specified static, dynamic or cyclic pressures.


Other Performance Testing:

  • Air infiltration and exfiltration (ASTM E331 and AS/NZS 4284)
  • Static water penetration (ASTM E283 and AS/NZS 4284)
  • Dynamic water penetration (AAMA 501.1) (within 60 days)
  • Lateral movement (Seismic test) (AAMA 501.4 and AS/NZS 4284)
  • On-Site Testing (AAMA 501.2, AAMA 501.3, ASTM E1105 and ASTM E783)
  • Cyclic water penetration (ASTM E547 and AS/NZS 4284)
  • Structural performance (ASTM E330 and AS/NZS 4284)
  • Proof Load (ASTM E330 and AS/NZS 4284)
  • Building Maintenance unit load (BMU) (AS/NZS 4284)



Testing Services:

  • Testing of :-
  • Curtain walls
  • Exterior windows & Doors
  • Storefronts & Sloped Glazing Systems
  • Skylight
  • Building Facades
  • Weather Louvres
  • Field or On-site testing
  • Third party witness
  • Inspection Services